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 Facility Rules

  • All riders must have a valid membership and current liability waiver signed to use the facility.

  • Ride at your own risk. All risks you inherit in motocross at this facility are your responsibility.

  • Riders under the age of 18 need consent from a parent or legal guardian to ride.

  • Upon entry, please lock the gate behind you. Liability is your responsibility as a member.

  • Please keep your pets on a leash. For the safety of them and the riders.

  • 1st gear in the pits, Small children and pets are walking around.

  • 10km max for all vehicles in the grounds except emergency vehicles.

  • No doubling, one rider per bike

  • Please clean up after yourself, we have garbage bins on location.

  • No riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

  • No firearms or unauthorized use of fireworks at the facility.

  • Weather permitting, the facility is open from dusk to dawn unless otherwise specified.

  • Race quads and SXS will only be permitted through special authorization from the executives.

  • Camping on the grounds is permitted for members upon request and approval.

 Track Etiquette

  • Do your sight lap! Observe changes and inspect your bike afterwards.

  • Never ride the track backwards! This is very dangerous, even if your the only one riding.

  • If someone is coming up behind you that is faster than you, Always Hold your Line!,

  • Be courteous when passing lapped riders and small bikes.

  • Respect the fallen rider, stop and check if they are OK.

  • Enter and exit the track at designated locations, and make sure it is clear to do so.

  • Bikes and 4 wheeled units should not be on the track at the same time.

  • 1st gear in the pits, no wheelies or burnouts

  • Helmet on! Even when cruising around the pits and grounds.

 Protective Riding Equipment

  • Helmet must be DOT/Snell rated

  • Goggles must be shatterproof

  • Gloves must be worn

  • Pants must be made of a durable material

  • Boots must provide ankle protection

  • Jerseys or long sleeve shirts while riding

  • Chest protector, knee braces, neck braces and pads are highly recommended but not mandatory


Driving directions to the Rock Valley Raceway

  • 14 km south on Hwy 40 from the Hwy 2 & 40 intersection

  • Half way up the south slope of the Wapiti River, exit right onto the Weyerhaeuser haul road connector for 0.5 km, turn left at the tee and follow east for 1 km

  • Using the Hwy 40 underpass and turn left into the facility.

Download your own copy of the map here.

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