Track Info

Hours of operation


The track is open from dawn to dusk, weather depending.

All updates will be posted on Grande Prairie Motocross Association Facebook.

ONLY riders holding a valid membership, and has submitted a waiver form may enter the grounds.

You MUST lock the gate upon entering and leaving the grounds.

We have large facility grounds. please keep your spacing when parking and setting up. 

Memberships and Waiver

Sign up to be a member on this website.  You must fill out both the GPMA Membership and Waiver Form (click on icon below to download) and review the GPMA COVID-19 format. Forms and waivers are to be submitted to All riders MUST complete waiver before riding both the main track and mini track. No exceptions. Memberships can be purchased directly through the website. Must be 18 years or older. 

Bluetooth MasterLock

Once all forms and waivers are submitted to, And payment is verified. An admin will add you to the Master Lock system. You should receive an email from Master Lock containing your login info. You may download the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app from the App Store. Make sure to download the blue icon Master lock enterprise app and not the red icon home lock app. If you're an existing master lock user, and having issues logging into the app, You may require me to send out a password reset. Reach out to us via Facebook messenger for any questions or concerns. or reach me directly (Delton) @ 780 830 8172 


1. Keep the gate locked. You are liable for any unauthorized entries to the track if you leave the gate open. If you allow entry to an individual who has not bought a membership, the liability of injury or damages falls to you.

2. Nobody should EVER be riding the track backwards! Even if you're the only one there. This is dangerous and people can get injured.

3. When a faster rider is approaching you on the track, hold your line (don't zig zag). This is important as it is one of the most common reasons riders get injured. Be aware of your surroundings when you ride. Make sure you know where all the other riders are (younger kids on small bikes can be hard to see over jumps). When there are new arrivals on the track, it is a good idea to stop riding and take a few minutes to coordinate with them.

4. When a rider goes down make sure you stop and ask if they're okay. If they're down on the track, please remove your bike and start waving oncoming riders to alert them a rider is down. Make sure you're in clear vision and not a hazard yourself. 

5. If you see someone vandalizing, disrespecting the rules, or deliberately wrecking any of our property, please report them to the police or call one of our club members (phone numbers will be posted on the gate).  

6. Keep pets on a leash while people are riding. Don't enter onto the track without looking, and please keep the area clean. Take out what you bring in. Our club is made up of volunteers who put countless hours into making this track a decent place to ride and would rather not spend that time cleaning garbage. 

7. Please ride slowly in the parking area! No 'pretend starts', no burnouts, no going faster than 1st gear!  This includes vehicles, please do not drive quickly in the parking lot.

8. Keep your distance and space out when parking. No social gathering at other members sites. You're at your vehicle or on the track.  

9. No Quads, Side By sides,or other ORVs on the Track. (unless specifically authorized by board members on non ride days)


Driving directions to the Rock Valley Raceway

  • 14 km south on Hwy 40 from the Hwy 2 & 40 intersection

  • Half way up the south slope of the Wapiti River, exit right onto the Weyerhaeuser haul road connector for 0.5 km, turn left at the tee and follow east for 1 km

  • Using the Hwy 40 underpass and turn left into the facility.

Download your own copy of the map here.