The Executives

Delton Christiansen

- President -

Darcie Keddy

 - Secretary -

Denis Duquette

- Vice President -

Keylea Christiansen

- Treasurer -

Dean Bolton
 - Director -
Ryan Shanks
 - Director - 
Chad Finnebraaten
- Director - 
Logan Fulcher
- Director -
Tyler Blanchard
- Director -

The Track

  • The track is located off Highway 40 - 10 kms south of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

  • It sits on 30 acres of leased land from the Alberta Forestry Service,  just above the south side of the Wapiti River.

  • The track was built in 1998/99 by volunteer manpower and donated equipment.

  • The track is approximately 2800 metres long.

  • The base of the track is made of gravel with a blue clay cover. The top has a mix of sand and wood chips.

  • There are 5 large water ponds strategically placed around the track. These are used for dust control.

  • The start gate accommodates 40 bikes.

  • A concrete launch pad was built prior to the 2000 racing season

  • The start line straight is 125 metres and the soil is 10 mm crushed gravel.

  • The track has a control tower for the announcer and a trophy podium.


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