2022 AGM Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 17, 2022


Delton Called meeting to order 7:03pm.

Attendance: Delton Christiansen , Colton Wolsey, Alex Keddy, Wayne Hobbs, Robyn Hobbs, Chad Finnebraaten, Darcie Keddy, Keylea Christiansen, Hayden Newey, Iain Bradley, Jason Chadwick, Cam Hood, James Conway, Crystal Duquette, Boe Berg.

Agenda has been approved by group as whole.

Darcie read meeting minutes from September 8 2021.

Delton read presidential report.

Keylea read treasurer’s report on all up to date financials.

Business arising 2022:

  • 1. Little Tykes : Darcie spoke on upcoming ideas for little tykes. We have Ethan Toews confirmed as a “mentor” for our members. Hoping to start session #1 may 11 until June 29. 7 weeks with one week for a rain out day. Will be posting more on social media about little tykes session & an intermediate class on the main track. Looking for sponsors for 20 riders to cut the price in half. We decided there needs to be a volunteer bond associated with little tykes night at least 5 hours. There will be no training wheels allowed. If there is too much interest with training wheels we can look into getting some sort of small coarse in the parking lot.

  • 2. Memberships opening March 24. Will be taking EMT for all payment, easy tracking and no fees associated with EMT.

  • 3. Opening day May 1st. Has not changed due to restrictions.

  • 4. Upcoming race June 18/19. One race over two days. We will be doing paid practice. Mom’s & dad’s races and the popular relay race.

  • Things to look into regarding race day: FM transmitter , speaking to a few radio stations & getting a new track sign by the highway. There will be a committee set up once all votes and nominations have been finished.

  • 5. Year end banquet October 1st. GPMXA will be hosting the year end banquet , there will be a committee formed to finalize all the small details. Please inquire if you would like to join


President - Cam Hood nominates Delton Christiansen as president.

He accepts

Iain Bradley Seconded. All in favour. None opposed.

No other nominations for president.

Vice President - Jean Robert Villenuve has been nominated.

He accepts. Iain Bradley Seconds the motion. All in favour.

Secretary - Darcie Keddy is nominated.

She accepts. Alex Seconds the motion. All in favour.

Treasurer - Keylea Christiansen is nominated.

She accepts. Alex Keddy seconds the motion. All in favour.

Director Positions -

Cam Hood is nominated.

He accepts. Wayne Hobbs seconds the motion. All in favour.

Logan Fulcher is nominated. He declines.

Chad Finnebraaten is nominated. He declines.

Ryan Shanks is nominated. He declines.

Chris Bursey is nominated. He declines.

Hayden Newey is nominated.

He accepts. Delton Seconds the motion. All in favour.

Alex Keddy is nominated.

He accepts. Delton seconds the motion. All in favour.

Wayne Hobbs is nominated.

He accepts. Boe Berg seconds this motion. All in favour.

Ian Bradley is nominated.

He accepts. Alex seconds this motion. All in favour.

Boe Berg is nominated.

He accepts. Delton seconds this motion. All in favour.

James Conway is nominated.

He accepts. Darcie Seconds the motion. All in favour.

Logan Fulcher, Ryan Shanks are still looking to help with the volunteer committee.

Board of Directors

Land Resource Director

▪ Delton Christiansen

This person is responsible for maintaining our current land lease and ensuring we have current Alberta1 calls in place when needed. Ensure the facility is in a safe state to operate. Follow up on Weyerhaeuser road bans. Fire Permits and Alberta Fire bans. Establish relationships with government organizations

Funding and Grants Director

Someone to look into and follow up with funding and grants available to our club. Will have to work with other directors to allocate the funds.

Track Maintenance Director

▪ Iain Bradley

▪ James Conway

This person will be responsible for the track maintenance and upkeep. They will ensure equipment log books are in order. Responsible for machine service schedules. They will be responsible for grooming or delegating whom to groom. In charge of watering the track and when. Decide when track is closed due to bad weather.

Facility Projects Director

▪ Hayden Newey

Someone who has an idea on how to plan for specific projects that are tabled. Materials, costs, man hours required to do it, equipment needed to accomplish it. Someone who can visualize an estimate cost and maybe even draw up plans of how we are to build it or how we would like to see it finished. Someone who can follow through with short and long-term goals. Must be able to work with sponsorship director and fundraising director.

Sponsorship and Volunteer Director

▪ Wayne Hobbs

▪ Cam Hood

Approach and find sponsors via letters, email, door knocking and inside help. Must be able to work in conjunction with the project director to find out dollar amount required for projects and to tell our sponsors what we want to use the money for. We will also have to let them know what we are going to do for them, exposure and signage etc. They will need to source out flaggers for events

Race Day Prep and Events Director

▪ Alex Keddy

This person will source out event trophies and awards. They will be responsible for planning fundraising events such as fun races, ride nights, practices and camps. They will be responsible for promotion and organization of events. Signage, banners, pennants, track tape, bale covers, programs, garbage bins, toilets, medics, food trucks, etc.

Website and Social Media Director

▪ Keylea Christiansen

Maintain our website gpmotocross.com and Facebook page. Help find sponsors to pay for it and keep it updated. Keep our Instagram updated. This person will be in charge of organizing FM radio broadcasting on race day and live video streaming.

Timing/MyLaps Director

  • Delton Christiansen

In other notes :

Cam Hood will sponsor trophies this year.

Thank you HOODS CRANE.

International paper has agreed to give as many wood chips as we need.

Track day signage needs to be dealt with, and added to race day prep list.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27.

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