2018 AGM Minutes


Feb 6 2018

Meeting started – 6:50pm

I.Call to order

II. Role Call

III. AGM Agenda Approved

Motion – Justin Bouchard 2nd – Drew Mudryk

IV. Opening president message

V. Treasurer’s Report

VI. Fencing project recap

VII. PMA Race day set for May 27 2018

-Preparing for it to commence May 1st

VIII. Nicolas Coates Ride

-Successful again – 3rd year

-Dialed-in sponsorship

-Donations that have benefited the kids

-Continue improving things for the younger riders

IX. Wednesday UTV Ride Nights

Motion – Justin Bouchard 2nd – Drew Mudryk

Allow track access on any given day with the acknowledgement that UTV’s are not to be on the track at the same time as dirt bikes.

Motion Passed

X. Off-road Memberships

-Exclusive pricing for off-road only memberships

-Cash or cheque only

-Sticker for Memberships of off-road only users

Motion – Steve Figel 2nd – Chris Bursey

$40.00 off-road memberships for users who only use the trails

Motion passed

XI. Wapiti Off-road Association

-Meeting with Alberta Land feb. 9

-Secure land for OHV use

-Support outdoor recreation

-Broad user group

-Dealerships offering memberships with the purchase of OHV

XII. Elections

Vice President

Nominee – Chris Bursey

All in Favour – Motion Passed


-No nominations

-Leave vacant till suitable candidate comes available

XIII. Next Meeting

-Scheduled meetings for every last Tuesday of every month

-Next meeting scheduled for Feb. 27, 2018

Open Discussion

-Possibility of a grant for operations

-Suggestion of hiring a grooming company

Meeting Adjourned

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