March 17, 2017



Meeting Started - 6:38pm


Motion - Joel Colter          2nd - Melissa Shanks

AGM Agenda Approval

* Motion Passed


Topic 1:


Treasurer's Report

-  2016 Dirt Bike Raffle a success making $13,276.10 (See previous post for winners)

- Track Back Hoe Sold 

- Purchased new track dozer

- MD of Greenview Grants submitted and approved for:

   - Fence $30,000 (Must be used by September 2017)

   - Potentially contact Weyerhaeuser for money towards fence completion



Topic 2:


2016 Nicolas Memorial Ride

- Profits placed towards memorial track playground

- Costco Outdoor Playset ($1400) 


Motion - Stephen Figel          2nd - Melissa Shanks

Purchase Costco Outdoor Playset for Nicolas Coates Memorial Playground

* Motion Passed


Motion - Melissa Shanks          2nd - Ashley Antonio

Purchase Nicolas Coates Memorial Sign for playground

* Motion Passed



Topic 3:


ATV/UTV Ride Days

- Set specific ride days for seperate track usage

- ATV/UTV ride day always weather permitting for track preservation


Motion - Joel Colter          2nd - Melissa Shanks

Wednesday ride for ATV/UTV riders

* Motion Passed



Topic 4:


Grande Prairie Race Day

- GPMA Executives unable to attend 

- GP Race Day set for June 25, 2017 at PMA AGM


Motion - Steve Sendziak          2nd - Joel Colter

Propose to PMA to move Grande Prairie race day to June 18, 2017

* Motion Passed



Topic 5:


Executive Elections

- President, Vice President and Treasurer Positions open for voting

- New positions of Track Director, Sponsor Director and Cross Country/Enduro Cross Director open for voting


Motion - Melissa Shanks          2nd - Joel Colter

Separate Cross country and Enduro cross director positions 

* Motion Passed


Motion -  Melissa Shanks          2nd - Stephen Figel

Create UTV Director position

* Motion Passed




President & Signing Authority:

Justin Bouchard nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED


Vice President & Signing Authority:

Teague Joly nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED



Drew Mudryk nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED


Track Director:

Chris Bursey nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED


Sponsor Director:

Sheldon Warwick nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED


UTV Director:

Robert Coates nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED


Cross Country Director:

Stephen Figel nominated
All in Favour - MOTION PASSED


Enduro Cross Director:

Clint Boos Nominated

All in Favour - MOTION PASSED



Topic 6:


Next GPMA Meeting

- April 11, 2017 @ 6:30pm



Meeting Adjourned - 7:29pm 


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