NOKE LOCK - Instructions & Info


- GP Track Noke Padlock - The new lock is now out and running at the track. Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks and help everyone make this as great and convenient as possible! Below are the instructions and some information regarding the lock.

After creating your account and verifying your email, you’ll be able to login to the Noke app. You will be presented with the Lock screen and you can navigate between screens by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Locks Page. The Lock screen displays all the locks you have access to on your account.

How to Unlock:

**First use - Open app, select green "click to unlock" button beside main gate lock, follow instructions on screen and push down the shackle, lock will unlock. After first use - Open app, push down the shackle once, lock will unlock.

General Usage: - Bluetooth. In order for your Noke to work, the Bluetooth on your phone must be turned on. (Unless you plan to use Noke's key fob available for purchase on

- Shackle presses. Noke responds to presses on the shackle. A regular press is a firm press down and a release. A short press is perfect. No need to hold down the shackle. Lights will indicate when you’ve activated Noke.

- Sleeping. To prolong battery life, Noke is always sleeping until you press down on the shackle. A blue light will flash indicating Noke has been awakened.

- Click shackle to wake and open. Once the shackle is pressed, Noke starts looking for a device that has permission to open it. If it finds a device and receives the correct digital key, Noke will unlock and then go right back to sleep. A green light will flash indicating Noke has unlocked.

- Press shackle to close. To lock Noke, close shackle and press down firmly. A red light will indicate Noke is locked.

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