ATTENTION - New Track Lock System

- ATTENTION ALL GPMXA MEMBERS & RIDERS - We are excited to say that our new lock system for the Grande Prairie track is now ready to go!

The GPMXA has chosen the Noke Lock as the new system for our track.


The Noke lock will allow us to grant members seasonal access to our track as well as grant people day pass access via the Noke app. All members and riders must download the free app available for iPhone and Android to access the facility. An account is required to be added to our system. (**Please ensure to confirm your account email by sending us an email along with your name at Once an account is created the lock will be readily available within the app for all paid members. Day pass users will have access in the app once payment is received and for that day only. To purchase a day pass please visit our store. The Noke app via Bluetooth on your phone will allow you to enter our facility. To unlock the lock: open the Noke app, squeeze the shackle once, confirm the notification on your phone and the lock will unlock.

The new locking system will be effective Monday, August 15, 2016 at 8:00pm.


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