GPMA Club Meeting

Topic 1:

Track Insurance Policy

- Discussed quotes for adding to our existing policy

- Does not cover riders as you are using the facility at your own risk

- Covers volunteers while helping/maintaining our track

- Cover the track premises and operation of equipment on premises

- Excludes events as well as participants/bystanders

Motion - Melissa Shanks 2nd - Ashley Antonio

Add additional coverage to existing policy for $1325/year with $2,000,000 commercial liability


Topic 2:

Track Caretaker

- Do to certain circumstances/activities performed at the GP Motocross track an executives decision was made that Broc Shury will no longer be the track caretaker

Topic 3:

New Track Security

- Decided upon that David Purnell (currently camping at main gate) will continue to stay at track

- Will assist in collecting day passes/memberships

- Night security

- Volunteering as track/facility maintenance is needed (ie: Has welded side gate entrance, Cleaned interior of track c-can etc.)

Motion - Al McPhillamey 2nd: Melissa Shanks

New locking system for main track gate and side entrance. Updated for all current members


Topic 4:

Plans for Remainder of Season/Summer

- Continue with plans of regular grooming

- Possibility of more track changes (May close track mid to end September for track changes and more work into the fall)

- Have applications for available grants ready for October (Grants for completing track goals, ie: Fencing facility, watering system etc.)

Topic 5:

Track Brainstorming Meeting

- GPMA will be holding an "idea" meeting to gather input from club members on

August 9, 2016 @ 6:30pm at Muskoseepi Park Pavilion.

* Please submit your idea/suggestion via email prior to the meeting to ensure it be added to the agenda. All emails must be received by August 1, 2016.


Topic 6:

Side x Side Possibilities

- Trial ride day tentatively set for July 21, 2016 from 4-8pm. Cost $10/day, track waiver must be signed prior to riding the facility, excludes Enduro section. (Weather conditions apply)

- A meeting will be determined for after trial ride day to discuss outcome of track post ride and further plans

- Grooming to be in place prior to day for after trial ride

Topic 7:

Naming Sponsorship & Sponsors

- Dealer meeting held June 29, 2016 with executives and club directors

- Title sponsorship originally set for $5000/year for 3 years, held by Honda Powersports

- Agreed upon holding title for 1 year instead of 3 years

- Will revisit naming/sponsorship plans next year

Topic 8:

Nicolas Coates 2nd Annual Memorial Ride

- Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 10am - 4pm @ GP Powersports MX Park, by donation

- Will remain a ride day for 50cc and 65cc riders on mini track only

- Donations will be placed towards track playground in memory of Nicolas Coates (Decided as club)

Meeting Adjourned - 8:46pm

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